Learning with the online Thesaurus of Old English (TOE)

Explore aspects of Anglo-Saxon language and culture through the study of Old English vocabulary arranged in semantic categories.

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Excercises about words for clothing in Old English
Excercises about words for clothing in Old English

The project is based on the database underlying the latest printed edition of A Thesaurus of Old English (Jane Roberts and Christian Kay with Lynne Grundy, 2nd edn, 2 vols, London 2000). The first four units are essays contextualising the project, covering How (and why) to use TOE, Life in Anglo-Saxon England, A Short Description of Old English, and The Vocabulary of Old English.  

The remaining ten units are interactive sessions for class or individual use. The screen is split so that you can toggle between the Unit and TOE. Each unit has three sections. Section 1 offers a guided tour through the material, interspersed with questions inviting you to discover things for yourself. Once you have tried each question, you can click on the answer. Section 2 is a short essay on the topic, reinforcing and giving more detail on points raised in Section 1. Section 3 consists of suggestions for reading, relevant websites, and ideas for essays or projects based on the topic. Projects in particular invite you to explore TOE further. Key terms are linked to an online glossary and can be clicked for further information.