International Exhibitions: 1851-1938

A 'visual library' of images and text from nine major international exhibitions between 1851 and 1938

Catalogue entry for the STUC Souvenir Brochure from the Empire Exhibition in Glasgow, 1938
Catalogue entry for the STUC Souvenir Brochure from the Empire Exhibition in Glasgow, 1938

This web resource presents a 'visual library' of images and text, and was designed primarily to support teaching and learning on the History of Art level 2 course: DESIGN POLITICS AND COMMERCE: INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS 1851-1951. The visual library can be searched either by particular exhibition, or by themes such as 'Architecture and layout', 'Empire' or 'Souvenirs' that span the entire period.

The site does not provide a comprehensive survey of each and every major exhibition of the period 1851-198. The emphasis is on Scottish exhibitions rather than some of the better-known events that are covered in the extensive secondary literature on international exhibitions. One of the aims has been to facilitate access to original artefacts and visual / documentary sources available in Glasgow, many of them within the University. You can use the resource to follow up on points raised in the lectures, prepare for the seminars, research and illustrate your essays, revise for the Visual Test and Level 2 Examination, and guide you to unpublished archival and primary resources.

While the resource is aimed primarily at students on the Design, Politics and Commerce course it is hoped that others will also make use of it. Many of the themes explored here have a bearing on material covered at other levels and on other courses within the History of Art and various History degrees.

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Main contact: Juliet Kinchin

Developer: Gerard Malcolm

Start year: 2002

End year: 2004

Funded by: SCRAN

Subject area: History of Art

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