Place-Names of the Galloway Glens

This project, part of the Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership, is dedicated to exploring the heritage of Kirkcudbrightshire through its place-names and presents place-names from seven historical parishes of Kircudbrightshire on a series of interactive maps.

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Map interface showing place-names beginning with 'M' on a historic OS map
Map interface showing place-names beginning with 'M' on a historic OS map

This resource allows you to search the Place-Names of the Galloway Glens database. This has been compiled for the project of the same name under the auspices of the Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership. This is a work in progress and the database is in the process of being refined, augmented and corrected.

The database contains all the place-names in seven parishes in the upper part of the GGLP area: Balmaclellan, Balmaghie, Carsphairn, Crossmichael, Dalry, Kells and Parton. The bulk of the names are those harvested from the Ordnance Survey 1st edition 6” maps made for Kirkcudbrightshire in the 1850s, and to these have been added many names from earlier sources. In many cases the name as represented on that map represents the only historical form we currently have in the database for the names. However, in many other cases we have supplemented these with historical forms of the place-names derived from a variety of other sources (maps, charters, etc.). You can browse the sources the historical forms are taken from in the Browse function. Historical forms are often important for revealing the original form of a name; but also the run of historical forms can sometimes act as something of a historical guide, e.g. to who owned a particular farm in the past.

We have attempted to provide all names with some form of analysis: what language the name is (or seems to be); what elements it is made up of; what each of these means; and what the overall name probably meant when coined. You will find various other details relating to the location of the place. In some cases it is difficult to know what a place-name means or what language it is in, and we have provided some discussion of these. There are other discussions on interesting points relating to both names and places throughout the database.

In due course, we hope to publish this material in book form, as part of The Survey of Scottish Place-Names: The Place-Names of Kirkcudbrightshire, Volume 1: The Glenkens Parishes.

Main contact: Thomas Clancy

Developer: Brian Aitken

Start year: 2018

End year: 2020

Funded by: Galloway Glens Landscape PartnershipHeritage Fund

Subject area: Celtic and Gaelic

Keywords: APIGaelicMappingPlace-namesScots

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