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SAMUELS (Semantic Annotation and Markup for Enhancing Lexical Searches)

SAMUELS (Semantic Annotation and Markup for Enhancing Lexical Searches)

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Funded by:  AHRC, ESRC

Main contact:  Dr Marc Alexander

Start date:  2014

End date:  2015

Subject area:
English Language & Linguistics - School of Critical Studies, College of Arts

The SAMUELS project (Semantic Annotation and Mark-Up for Enhancing Lexical Searches) is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council in conjunction with the Economic and Social Research Council (grant reference AH/L010062/1) from January 2014 to April 2015. It will deliver a system for automatically annotating words in texts with their precise meanings, disambiguating between possible meanings of the same word, and ultimately enabling a step-change in the way we deal with large textual data. It uses the Historical Thesaurus of English as its core dataset, and will provide for each word in a text the Historical Thesaurus reference code for that concept; textual data tagged in this way can then be accurately searched and precisely investigated, producing results which can be automatically aggregated at a range of levels of precision. The project also draws on a series of research sub-projects which will employ the software thus developed, testing and validating the utility of the SAMUELS tagger as a tool for wide-ranging further research.