Week Beginning 30th July 2018

I was on holiday from Monday to Wednesday this week, but I still managed to pack a fair amount into my two days of work.  We’ve started to get some feedback from members of the REELS advisory board about the online resource, so I spent a bit of time looking through that.  I’m not going to address any of it until next month, though, as other people may still be trying out the site.  I also fixed an issue with the CMS:  When the ‘uncertain’ element had been added to a place it was then impossible to remove it through the ‘manage elements’ page.  This was because the element had no assigned language, and the query expected all elements to have an associated language.  I added the language ‘unknown’ to the element and this fixed the issue.

I also checked through some images Matthew Creasy had sent me to be used on his new ‘Decadence and Translation’ website and read through some materials Matthew Sangster sent me relating to a proposal he’s putting together.  I also responded to a query from a user of the Thesaurus of Old English that Fraser had forwarded on to me.  The user suggested that the category search could be improved and I’ve thought through how the improvement might be implemented in future.  In the meantime the use of asterisk wildcards should solve the user’s problem.

Marc contacted me this week to say that the Google Analytics stats for the Historical Thesaurus seem to have stopped working either since the move to HTTPS or since the move to the new domain.  A bit of research suggested we need to update the site URL in ‘property settings’ in the admin interface, which I did.  However, this did not immediately fix the issue and I’m going to have to keep an eye on this.  Regarding new domains, I also requested some new web space for our new thesaurus.ac.uk domain, so hopefully we’ll have the beginnings of a new resource in place soon.

I met with Fraser on Friday to go through the Historical Thesaurus database with him, to give him a few pointers to running SQL queries.  We went through some examples, which included exporting a lot of the data he was needing to work with anyway.  We also talked about a new thesaurus related proposal that he’s putting together.

I responded to a query from Thomas Widmann relating to the structure of the database for DSL.  The XML for the entries doesn’t include bibliographical reference IDs, even though these are listed (and work as links) on the website.  After looking at the database it turns out that these references are stored in a separate table, so I exported the data and sent it on to Thomas.

Earlier in the week Alison Wiggins had emailed me the data she has been compiling about the Bess of Hardwick account books.  She has been adding data into an Access database and there is now a fairly large number of records.  We’re going to meet next week to discuss the data and how this should be presented via an online resource, and I spent some time on Friday exporting the data from Access into a MySQL database that I will then use online.