Week Beginning 30th September 2013

I spent a little bit more time working on Mapping Metaphor matters this week, but I devoted the bulk of the week to redeveloping the SCOTS corpus website interface.  Mapping stuff first though: On Monday I met with members of the team in the STELLA lab to look in detail at the working mock-ups I had previously created for the project.  It was a good opportunity to talk through the various features and discuss possible ways in which the functionality could be improved or extended.  There were some aspects that I wasn’t entirely clear about, such as search facilities, and these were cleared up at the meeting, plus some choices I’d made with regards to labels weren’t quite right either.  On the whole I think everyone was really happy with how the mock-ups are progressing, which is encouraging!

After the meeting I didn’t devote any more time to Mapping this week but decided to tackle another item on my ‘to do’ list, namely the redesign of the SCOTS corpus.  Wendy and I had previously decided on a new design from a bunch of static mock-ups I’d created so I set to work migrating all of the content and functionality to this new design.  I’m creating the new version in a test directory for now, and the new design won’t replace the existing site until it has been fully tested and approved.  I’ve made really good progress with the migration this week.  All of the ‘tools’ such as the collocation cloud and compair are now working perfectly (as far as I can tell) in their new locations with their new look and I’ve migrated all of the ancillary pages too.  I’ve also got the quick search, normal search and browse functions working, and I’ve made a start on the ‘document view’ page.  The latter still needs quite a lot of work before it will be fully functional, however.  After that there is only the advanced search left to tackle.

The new version of SCOTS can be accessed here:


But as always be aware that this is just a temporary URL – certain features might not work and once the new site goes live this URL will stop working.

Not much else to report this week due to the full-on nature of the SCOTS redevelopment.  I’ve been called for the dreaded jury duty next week.  Hopefully when I turn up on Monday they won’t actually want me, but we’ll see.