Week Beginning 20th May 2013

Not a massive amount to report this week due to illness.  I was struck down with a nasty feverish throat infection on Sunday and only came back to work on Thursday.  Even then I was still feeling a bit wobbly.  I spent Thursday morning catching up with the backlog of emails from the week and dealing with issues relating to them.  In the afternoon I met with Johanna Green, who will be updating the content of the Digital Humanities Network website in preparation for the official launch in June.  I went through the system with her and showed her how everything worked and she should be able to use the system without any problems. I also had a chat with Wendy about possible Scottish Corpus redevelopment and helped get access to usage stats for the site too, all in preparation for the REF.

I spent the remainder of the week working through the outstanding redevelopment tasks for the Digital Humanities Network website, including adding more filter options to the project page, ensuring the site works sufficiently well in old versions of IE and implementing some other visual tweaks and improvements.

The new and hopefully completed Digital Humanities at Glasgow website can now be found here: