Week Beginning 18th March 2013

A short report this week due to time constraints.  I continued development of the Grammar app this week, although I have got rather bogged down in some of the more complex exercises.  There is a lot to try and sort out and shape into something that is understandable and easy to use.  I’m getting there, but it is taking some time.

On Monday I attended the SCS research web pages follow-up meeting, and the pages have definitely improved a lot since the first meeting.  Plans for further tweaks and improvements were discussed, and I have a couple of tasks to do relating to Digital Humanities.  On Tuesday I had a meeting with Flora and Arts Support about the Historical Thesaurus servers and the migration of websites from the old server to the new.  Chris is on the case and hopefully we’ll be able to dump the old server soon.

Also on Tuesday I met with the Burns people about the timeline mock-ups I had put together.  Of the two mock-ups people generally preferred the first one, which has events grouped into multiple ‘streams’ so this is the one that I will be further developing.  I created an Excel spreadsheet template that the content creators will use and once we have a body of timeline entries I will create a little PHP script that will convert this into the JSON structure required by the timeline software.

On Wednesday I attended the School meeting, and I spoke briefly to the other attendees about my role and the projects I’m involved with.  Not much else of note to report this week.

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